Welcome to Automated Buildings, Inc.

Automated Buildings, Inc. was incorporated in 1998. ABI serves Building Owners, Facility Managers, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Developers and Utility Companies.

Providing world class products, ABI is uniquely positioned to offer fully integrated system solutions which reside on a common network. The systems include HVAC controls, electrical metering, electrical power monitoring, card access and lighting controls. Utilizing BACnet, a industry-standard data communication protocol for building automation and control networks, our systems provide facility managers with holistic knowledge of all building systems. Every system solution can be accessed via the internet from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop web browser, utilizing a common graphical user interface providing real time systems information availability.

ABI trained service technicians diagnose and service  HVAC systems utilizing the Delta Controls systems they design and install for their clients. The diagnostics are often performed remotely, reducing the cost of on-site facility visits.  This is a great advantage for our clients because they no longer have to juggle two or more contractors — one for controls and one for mechanical systems.  ABI is a one-stop, turnkey provider of controls and mechanical services.

Our specialization – Energy Efficiency

Automated Buildings, Inc. is honored to be a partner in the City Energy Project initiative established by “The City of Orlando.”  It is the responsibility of all Building Owners, Tenants, Facility Managers, Integrator and Service Providers to be: “Good Stewards of the Energy provided for our Consumption.”

Click to read our letter to the mayor about the City Energy Project.